Screenshot Studio

Evgeny Suslikov (Shareware)

Screenshot Studio is a simple program that allows users to take screenshots of the desktop window. The application is capable of taking three types of screenshots: Window, Whole Screen, and Region. Windows captures one of the windows that are open on the desktop; Whole Screen captures the entire desktop window; and Region captures a region of the desktop set by the user.

The program supports different types of file formats including PNG, SSP, JPEG, GIF, and BMP. Users can also add hotkeys to the application so that they can take screenshots just by clicking a combination of keys. Screenshots taken by the application can then be sent to the built-in editor. The editor consists of several tools that can be used for adding text and shapes to the screenshot. The program also has a silent capturing feature, which is useful for capturing games. Some of the tools included in the application are as follows:

• Fill – This tool is used for filling a shape or a selection with a solid color. It can be used for covering items from the screenshot.
• Crop – The crop tool allows users to exclude areas of the screenshot.
• Grayscale – The grayscale tool converts the image to black and white
• Gaussian Blur – This tool makes text or other unimportant items blurry or unreadable.