ScreenShooter Screenshooter 1.3

Stephan Schulmeister Software Development (Freeware)

Screenshooter is an application which allows users to get a screen capture of the computer screen. The screen capture is then stored on the clipboard with file types like JPEG, PCT, and Bitmap. For instance, if users are working on a presentation and require a graph from a pdf file, they can choose to install software which will extract the graph from the file. However, the installation can be too much work if users are only concerned with a single graph or image. The software addresses this need. It has the capability to grab or capture an image of the screen and use it for another application.

The user interface for Screenshooter is a vertical window with four (4) major menus and three(3) minor selections. The four major menus are FullScreen, Selection, About and Quit. FullScreen and Selection determine what sections will be captured by the software while About and Quit are general management options. FullScreen allows users to automatically capture the whole desktop screen while Selection allows them to specify areas which need to be captured. The About page provides general information about the software. The Quit option closes the software. The three (3) minor selections are output formats which could either be PCT/BMP, JPG, and Clipboard.