clarosoftware (Shareware)

ScreenRuler is a simple tool that can be utilized by both PC and Mac users. The ScreenRuler Suite assists in reading by assisting in tracking and focusing around the screen. This application also enables users to change the contrast and color of the screen. It acts as an overlay and works without interfering with the video card of the computer. This is a program that is designed to assist users and provide them with a means to customize the screen based on their preferences as allowed by the settings.

This program suite is designed to make viewing text on-screen easier and is easy enough to operate no matter what the age of the user is. ScreenRuler’s basic function is to present the user with a ruled strip placed across the screen. When launched, this program works with other utilities installed and follows the typing cursor and computer mouse. The user can manipulate the settings and change the appearance of the application interface. There are three modes to choose from, namely “Overlay,” “Underline,” and “Ruler.” This program is adaptable and flexible in its function to underline or highlight part of the computer screen.
ScreenRuler users can change the ruler color by clicking on the colored box. The transparency level can change transparency level. Meanwhile, the size or height can be changed by moving the slider.