Provtech Limited (Shareware)

ScreenPrint32 - v3.5 is a professional "Print Screen" application built to capture or print the full desktop display and store it to the hard disk or save the image as a clipboard item. The application has advanced settings for capturing user-defined areas. Users can then choose from printing the entire desktop or simply obtaining an image of the active window of a certain program. It also allows users to capture predefined displays or any highlighted user or working area. ScreenPrint32 - v3.5 runs as a background application and is only prompted once the Print Screen key is pressed. It will then automatically send the captured image to any connected printer by default. On the other hand, users may also edit the image prior to printing through its "Editing Mode."

ScreenPrint32 - v3.5 supports numerous editing options including: image rotation, inversion, shrinking and stretching, as well as color switching using Grayscale, Black & White, and other color schemes. Additionally, users may customize the captured screen photo by incorporating headers, footers, time stamps, and date details to the final output. There is an option for users to capture a screen area, crop the important parts, and paste or embed them directly into any type of document. Depending on the global settings or user specific settings, there is another option that saves the images in several file formats such as GIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG.