ScreenFlash Application

unflash (Shareware)

ScreenFlash Application is the program of choice for computer users that are tasked to create interactive and animated software tutorials. The program is designed to complete complicated tasks in a short period of time. It is an efficient tool for presentations intended to demonstrate to the public the functions, uses, and benefits of a specific product. The outputs produced can also be useful in training activities for novice staff.

One of the top features of ScreenFlash Application is its ability to capture the sound and action from any section of Windows desktop. This data can then be saved in the form of a Macromedia Flash movie file. The new version of the program runs on Windows Vista operating system and supports PNG file format.

The latest version of ScreenFlash Application has plenty of useful features, including an updated export mode that supports big files uses an advanced compression method. The play control bar and loading screen have been redesigned. The word edit function is improved as well, and offers users the option to edit one word ad change the color, font, and size. New note styles and new word background are available to users. The program also allows the user to add narration while a file is playing.