ScreenCapturer (Freeware)

ScreenCapturer is a free utility that enables a user to capture any area of the desktop screen to an email or file and include the capture into one’s Processing sketch as a video or image. In enables one to create exceptional and fascinating optical designs.

Screenshots may be done on any selected area on the screen. The preferred capture option can be accessed via the dialog using the PrtScrn button on one’s keyboard. It may capture one’s full screen or any selected or active window. Screencast animations may be captured with sounds and saved to immensely compressed video files and can also be customized to immediately attach them to emails. One can make use of image or video inputs in the Processing sketch without altering the video/image lines in the source code.  Problems concerning codec, size of files, and resolutions can be dispersed. When a video is played in the hard drive or in the browser, the ScreenCapturer window can be placed above the video. From the Processing sketch one is then able to access the totality within the window frame. One instance ScreenCapture can be used is when screenshots of the desktop are taken at designated intervals in the creation of time lapse videos.