SCREEN2EXE / SCREEN2SWF 3.3 Build 2520

Stepok Image Lab. (Shareware)

SCREEN2EXE/SCREEN2SWF is a screen recorder used for creating video tutorials, presentations, and demonstrations. SCREEN2EXE is the freeware version and SCREEN2SWF is the paid version of the application. Output videos can be saved as AVI, EXE, or SWF.

The program records all desktop activities including the mouse movements and clicking. Sounds are also recorded by the application. For demonstrations, the computer’s microphone can be used to record voiceovers for the video. The software has a Max Mode, which is a high-speed recording option that is capable of recording up to 30 frames per second. SCREEN2EXE/SCREEN2SWF has a built-in editor for adding more elements to the video. With the editing tool, users can add images, texts, annotations. There are also effects that come with the application. The video quality can be changed, too. This enables users to record in grayscale mode (low-quality) to lossless true color mode (high quality).

Other features of the program are the following:
• The program consists of effects, such as fade in/fade out, focusing effects, zoom in/zoom out, etc.
• Support for URL binding for protecting the video
• Small sized videos with high compression ratio
• Capture both video and sound
• One click recording function