Screen Video Recorder 1.5.34

wordaddin studio (Shareware)

Screen Video Recorder is an application used for recording what is currently happening on the computer screen. The program has the ability to record the activities, like streaming video, audio, texts currently being typed, and mouse hovers. The output video of the screen activity can be saved in either AVI or WMV format. This software is useful when making video tutorials and other instructional materials.

Screen Video Recorder's interface puts all the important functions at the upper portion of the window. When the user is ready to record, he can simply click the "Record" button. Playing back the recorded file can be done by clicking the "Play" function.

The program's five settings can be configured for maximum control over the recording. One of the settings that can be adjusted is the screen region. When a range is selected, only activities on that part of the computer’s screen will be recorded by the software. A hotkey can also be identified. This is a keyboard shortcut that the can press to control the application’s record button. Additionally, the user can choose to exclude some activities from being recorded. These can be specified on the options menu.

The program comes with a manual to help users who may need assistance.