Screamer 4x4

Clever's Interactive (Proprietary)

Screamer 4x4 is an off-road rally racing video game. The game features ten four-wheel drive vehicles based on real models from popular vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Jeep. There are also bonus vehicle models, including a Toyota HiLux pickup and a Big Foot monster truck. More than just speed, the game challenges users to maneuver their vehicles through various checkpoints on the course, taking into consideration off-road driving factors such as grip, gravity, and torque on the difficult terrain. Players must be careful not to hit the checkpoint markers to avoid penalties.

Screamer 4x4 has the following additional features:

• More than 60 race courses in six areas – players will have to navigate and employ different driving styles to finish a course
• A tutorial mode for first-time users – the game makes it easy for novice players to learn the controls. Advanced users can select other playing modes such as Championship, Trophy, Freestyle, and Pathfinder
• Authenticity of driving controls, vehicle dashboards, and vehicular damage
• Simulation of different driving conditions – this includes topographical obstacles and changing weather
• Vehicle upgrades – players can unlock upgrades for differentials, engines, and tires.

The game allows for multiple players to race using the Internet or through a LAN connection. Users can select from a number of multiplayer modes, including First-to-Point, Off-Road Rally, King of the Hill, and Destruction.