Scratch DJ Academy MIX! 1.2.24

Scratch Music Group (Shareware)

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! is primarily a mixing and playlist creation tool. This is a program designed for personal use, specifically in customizing digital playlists and mixing popular songs. This utility can also be used to record and playback tracks. Aspiring producers are provided basic tools to mix records with and come up with a playlist that features seamless song transitions. The tracks created using Scratch DJ Academy MIX! can be played on MP3 players and iPods and played for personal listening or for the enjoyment of party attendees.

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! also features scratch effects. This program helps aspiring musicians and products to create records with tools for harmonic mixing and beat matching. With Scratch DJ Academy MIX! DJs an create pro-sounding digital tracks because it provided sophisticated tools allowing talented individuals to create the perfect dance mixes. Scratch DJ Academy MIX! makes the process of creation easy with its intuitive user interface.

The main features of Scratch DJ Academy MIX! include Key Detection, BPM Detection, automation control of tempo, volume, and EQ, Crossfade Link with separate Fade-In/Fade-Out function, as well as super-fast customization settings. It also offers users with Automatic Beat Mapping made possible by Time Stretching Algorithms. Beginners can learn many different DJ techniques with this utility. In the meantime, advanced users and professional DJs can use the program to test drive mixes.