RapidSolution Software AG (Shareware)

Scramby is a voice-effect application that allows modification of a user's voice. With the program, an uploaded voice can be changed to sound like another person or character. There are a variety of voice templates that can be used. Among them are the voices of Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader, a character in Star Wars. Furthermore, a woman's voice can be altered to become a man's voice. The same can be done with a man's voice. There are also a variety of sound effects that can be added. These include background noises such as the rustling wind, a clap or applause, or breaking glass.

Scramby can be used as a plugin for VoIP applications. VoIP (Voice over Ip) applications are programs that enable the user to call a telephone from the computer. When this program is installed, the user can talk to the person he is calling with his altered voice. The program has around 40 templates for voices. Additionally there are hundreds of templates for background sounds. The user also has the ability to change the voice through the voice editor. The volume of the voice can be controlled.

Scramby can be operated through keyboard shortcuts. This allows the program to become quickly accessible without using the computer's mouse.