Funkitron, Inc. (Proprietary)

SCRABBLE® is an interactive word game developed by Funkitron based on the board game of the same name. Players are given 8 letter tiles in a rack with corresponding point per letter. Players create words from the available tiles and arrange them on the board for maximum points. SCRABBLE® players are given 3 game modes: solo, against the computer and multiplayer mode.

Upon game startup, SCRABBLE®’s game interface provides options to customize the player and change player name. Game mode options are also provided—Solitaire for solo play, Human for multiplayer mode and Maven for playing against the computer. Maven is the artificial intelligence SCRABBLE® player created specially by Brian Sheppard for SCRABBLE®. The game startup interface also shows a button for How-to instructions and the current Top Ten players against Maven.

SCRABBLE® main game interface shows the scoreboard on the left and the SCRABBLE® game board on the right. The scoreboard shows the names of the players, their current scores, the last words played on the board and corresponding points for each word, and the current tiles yet to be drawn. Buttons for options, quit, exchange, shuffle, and pass can also be found in the bottom. When stuck, the player may press the buttons for hint or shuffle. Players can also see the current tiles on their rack on the bottom part of the main game window.