Scrabble Complete

Infogrames Interactive (Proprietary)

Scrabble Complete is a computer game based on the popular board game in which players form words out of letter tiles. It contains additional features that enable players to customize how they want to play, such as tilting the board in various directions to change the viewing perspective. Players can also change the board color, music, and background design of their boards. The game comes with a hint system for beginners and also comes included with the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary by Merriam-Webster.

Players can choose to go solo or select multiplayer mode to play with others on a local network or online. Aside from the traditional Scrabble word game, this program also provides players with several other minigames that help players improve their word skills. The words used in the games are generated by the game’s AI, named Maven. Maven takes note of how a player performs and adjusts the difficulty level to suit the player’s skills, making the game ideal for players of varied skill levels.

One of the minigames included in Scrabble Complete is Word Placement, in which players are tasked to find a spot on the board to place a pre-generated word that has been spelled out on their rack. Players should find a spot that will give them maximum points. This game improves a player’s ability to make the most out of special spaces on the board, such as Double Letter Scores and Triple Word Scores.