Scrabble 2005

Ubisoft Entertainment (Proprietary)

Scrabble 2005 is the digital version of the classic vocabulary-focused board game. The game application was created and distributed by a company called Ubisoft and the primary objective of the game is to earn as many points as possible by strategically placing letters on the board, forming different dictionary-recognized words whilst taking advantage of bonus point squares.

The game of Scrabble is all about word mastery. This is the revolving concept that comes with Scrabble 2005. Just like the classic board game, several players can play against one another when it comes to the digital version. Random letters are then given to each player and from these letters they must find a way to form words that will earn them a certain number of points. Each letter comes marked with an equivalent point value. Players now have the opportunity to increase the number of points that they earn by using the specially marked squares on the Scrabble 2005 board.

There are different point squares on the board. There are double-point squares, triple-point ones, and so on. Aside from multiplying the letter values by a certain number, the overall word point total can also be multiplied by a certain degree depending on its position on the board. The game ends when all available letters have been used up. The player with the most points win.