Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard Software (Freeware)

Scotland Yard is an electronic tool that may be used to track the location of employees that share office space. This sign in/sign out electronic board is currently used in many offices to determine the location of each employee.

Aside from its basic sign in/out function, the whereabouts of a particular individual is revealed to anyone who can access it by viewing the Status Board. Once this board is launched the details are presented (e.g. in a meeting, out to lunch, sick, vacation, on leave, business trip, etc). Scotland Yard can also provide information on the status and location of whole departments as well as all the employees, when such data is called for.

Scotland Yard is an indispensable tool for receptionists who are often asked to locate specific individuals. Time spent forwarding calls to empty desks and cubicles can now be used for more productive activities with this utility.

Scotland Yard is a program that needs to be installed. It utilizes a network drive that all users are given access to. Scotland Yard may be distributed as a desktop shortcut that loads automatically when a workstation is activated. This electronic in/out program is very easy to use. It also does not take up too much space in the desktop.