Scorpion's WinCheater 2

Cheater (Freeware)

Scorpion's WinCheater 2 is a game cheats library developed by Cheater. The program was released on August 2008. The program contains various cheats, game manuals, and other tips and tricks regarding several PC games. The program also features codes and passwords for various video games. It also comes with an integrated Mini Dictionary that contains frequently asked questions targeted for beginner gamers. The program also offers some customization options including update optimization and custom background options.

Scorpion's WinCheater 2 features Cheats, Tutorials, Easter Eggy, and Jokes. Cheats include game tips, shortcuts, tricks, and codes. Tutorials consist of strategy guides and game tutorials.  Easter Eggy includes cheats that some game programmers insert in the games codes for players with a quirky side to them. Jokes are jokes that relate to the games.

Scorpion's WinCheater 2 also offers bonus library contents including Instruction manuals, and game guides for mobile gamers.  These include cheats and guides for PlayStation games. It also features Mobile Eggy for Easter eggs left in mobile games. It also offers Mini Game Reviews, Mobile Melodies, Song Book, Funny Pictures, Movies, and Stories. These are contained in the Scorpion's WinCheater 2 game library. This program is a must have for any serious or amateur gamer out there. Some cheats and tricks are consolidated from other gamers’ experiences and not from the game developer.