Score Writer for Windows

GenieSoft (Shareware)

Score Writer is a program that is used for creating musical scores. It can be used for different purposes, such as arranging, editing, recording, and printing music sheets. The application is geared towards novice musicians who are just learning how to compose music. It has a simple and intuitive user interface, making it easy to navigate for everyone. The program can be used for small and large arrangements, and for personal and professional use. Below are some of the program’s notable features:

• Smart Mouse Entry – This feature automatically detects rhythms that are polyphonic and can also automatically enter rests to the notation. The features can be enabled or disabled by the user.
• Symbol Coloring – Users can color-code the elements on the musical score according to type to make it easier to read. Some of the elements that can be colored include text, notes, lyrics, dynamics, and symbols. Symbol coloring is also supported when printing out the musical score.
• Capo Setting – The program has a capo setting so users can include the chords of the song when using a capo. These chords with the capo can be displayed with the original chords of the song.
• Auto Save – All changes made to the notation are saved in a backup folder.