SciTE 3.2.4

Neil Hodgson (Freeware)

SciTE or Scintilla Text Editor is a program that enables users to create and edit text codes for the Scintilla platform. Scintilla is an open-source library that provides text-editing functions as well as features used in source code editing and syntax highlighting. This application provides similar features to other text-editing programs such as Geany, Notepad++, and Notepad2. With Scintilla Text Editor, users may use different font styles, font colors, formats, and background colors to their text codes. These functions allow users to quickly identify code segments that would facilitate efficient code debugging. In addition to these, Scintilla Text Editor supports margins, line numbering, code breakpoints, markers, and error indicators. This program also contains features such as auto complete and code folding. Furthermore, users may select a large body of text codes by dragging the mouse from the divider to the editing pane. Scintilla Text Editor has five available versions. These include ScintillaNET for editing codes for the .NET framework, QScintilla for QT ports, and Delphi wrappers such as TScintEdit, TDScintilla, and TScintilla.

Scintilla Text Editor features a simple user interface that contains two main parts. The first part is the main menu bar that contains titles such as File, Edit, Search, View, Tools, Options, Language, Buffers, and Help. The next part is the text space where users may type and edit text codes. This section can be customized with different view options where users may turn line numbers, markers, and separators on and off.