Scientific Workplace 5.5.0

MacKichan Software (Proprietary)

Scientific WorkPlace is a scientific word processing software suite that comes with a LaTeX word processor and LaTeX document preparation system. It also ships with an optional computer algebra system. This program is developed by MacKichan Software and launched on July 2009. This scientific word processor enables users to edit and typeset scientific and mathematical text. Scientific WorkPlace features a WYSIWYG or What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get paradigm. Character input can be done via keyboard or mouse clicks. The Scientific WorkPlace preview pane automatically shows the edits that a user types in.  

Scientific WorkPlace created documents are saved in LaTeX format, thus rendering the typeset compatible with other LaTeX processors. This program features TrueTeX and pdfTeX support. Users need not learn the LaTeX language to utilize the program as it features LaTeX typesetting. This program also ships with templates or document shells that conform to specific professional journal styles. This program also features an integrated computer algebra system called the MuPAD. This system enables the user to generate plots and perform algebraic computations in-program. This program also enables users to create 2D and 3D plots utilizing various styles and coordinate systems. Users may also customize created plots by specifying background color, adding plot labels, and drawing grid lines.

Scientific WorkPlace also features an Exam Builder that enables users to create exams algorithmically. This also enables users to create, grade, and record quizzes and exams on an online server.

The 30 day trial version requires the following serial number to activate it.