Scenery Switch Mega Airport Oslo

Aerosoft GmbH (Proprietary)

Scenery Switch Mega Airport Oslo is a flight simulation program developed by Aerosoft GmbH. This application makes use of the Gardermoen airport in Oslo, Norway as its simulation site. The Gardermoen is known to be one of the largest and busiest airports in the world, catering to hundreds of flights every day. Users of this simulation program are given access to various tools that will enable them to fly a virtual aircraft into Gardermoen.

When it comes to the Scenery Switch Mega Airport Oslo flight simulation program, there are different views that the user can choose from. There is the standard pilot’s view where the player can maneuver the aircraft through the pilot’s eyes, straight from the cockpit.  There is another type of screen setting where the user can see the entire plane as it flies. This particular flight simulator comes complete with all of the infrastructures and establishments surrounding the actual airport done in digitalized format providing for a real-life feel during the course of the flights.

There are additional program applications that can also be purchased for this particular application, such as the optional season tool that can be used to add weather components to the flight environment.