Scene Switch


ASUS Scene Switch is a display utility that is preinstalled in several laptop and notebook computer models manufactured by ASUS Technologies. This program is available for free download in the Internet but only works exclusively for ASUS laptop and notebook computers. ASUS Scene Switch contains features that allow users switch between windows, browse for reference documents, and open web pages in their laptop without displaying it in the projector. This application is used to allow users to continue their full screen presentation and work using another window simultaneously. Given these features, users can scan for confidential documents for reference without allowing the audience to view the confidential files. Another use for ASUS Scene Switch is for switching to another window to be able to work on additional slides that might have been omitted when creating the presentation. ASUS Scene Switch works by muting system sounds, customizing separate wallpapers per scene, hiding desktop icons temporarily, and disabling screensavers. In addition to these, ASUS Scene Switch allows users to switch to another user account while in the middle of a presentation.

ASUS Scene Switch features a simple user interface that can be accessed from the system tray, or in special toolbars for ASUS plug-ins. The application’s main page contains controls and buttons that enable users to customize a “view” or a screen clone that can be used to switch on during presentations. Users can create an unlimited number of views that has their own desktop icon visibility, open programs and windows, and desktop wallpaper.