Gametop (Freeware)

ScaraBall is a free 3D arcade game that requires a high degree of strategizing. It is a version of Arkanoid that has an Egyptian theme. This game uses advanced technology and presents players with stunning graphics that are engaging and challenging at the same time. The texture of the blocks is rendered realistically making game an impressive Arkanoid conversion.

The main task of the player of this game is to bounce a ball with a paddle to blast piles of blocks. In this game, knocking down the blocks that are stacked one of top of another can be a complicated task since the graphics are in 3D. In the Arcade mode of this game, there are 150 levels. There is also an Adventure mode where the player encounters interesting artifacts.

The game play is set in Ancient Egypt and players face the task of restoring the gifts of the King of Gods, Amon Ra. In this game, it is important not to drop the ball and triumph over the perils that they face. ScaraBall is a simple game but the player also triggers a chain of events, which come up based on the strategy chosen. This game can be downloaded for free and enjoyed by people who prefer engage in challenging arcade games.