SCAR Divi 3.22

SCAR Divi (Freeware)

SCAR Divi 3.22 is a macroing environment that enables users to write scripts for automating routine tasks on Windows-based computers. It uses image, pattern, color, and text recognition algorithms for gathering data regarding the present state of the computer – acting on it according to how it is programmed. This software application allows users to send keystrokes or move the mouse cursor to act on the gathered information. Users can make scripts through the Pascal programming language so the program can run using a wide range of functions.

Using Pascal as the programming language for scripting makes the software easy to learn. Pascal is initially developed to teach structured programming, so it is basic and simple. Users will also be able to add visual design elements and forms to a program or application being created using SCAR Divi’s visual form scheme. A series of hotkeys is available so users can start and stop scripts easily. The program directs allocated resources; it takes steps to make sure that scripts that do not manage resources properly will not cause memory leaks.

The program comes with a built-in firewall in order to secure the software and prevent any malicious scripts from contacting the server with no permission from the user. This application has a portable version that makes it easier to run through a portable storage device or from a USB drive.