ScanGear Starter 13.0.0

CANON INC. (Freeware)

ScanGear Starter is a scanning utility developed by Canon and released in April 2005. The ScanGear Starter allows users to scan documents and save them into various image file formats. This program scans documents and pictures. For documents, ScanGear Starter saves the document into the PDF file format. For images, this program saves it as JPEG in minimum resolution, or in TIFF, for high-resolution images capable of further digital manipulation.

ScanGear Starter user interface features a dual window display. The left window features a preview of the scanned image. The window on the right shows a tabbed interface corresponding to the scanning modes—Simple Mode, Advanced Mode, and Multi-Scan. ScanGear Starter lets users to choose whether to scan in color for image scanning, or scan in monochrome for document scanning. Users can then choose whether to Print the scanned image, or save as JPEG, PDF or TIFF. Users can also choose the dots per inch or dpi that corresponds to the scan quality. ScanGear Starter also allows users to select the output size for the scan. By default, the output size is set at Flexible. ScanGear Starter also allows users to Crop the scanned images and manipulate the cropping frames. Users can also make image corrections like Fading and Backlight corrections. After the scan process, users can select the output destination and output format for the scanned image to finish the scan.