ScanDefrag 5.7

ScanDefrag Team & Blue Orb Software (Shareware)

ScanDefrag is a component of the Windows system startup process. It is also available as a Windows GUI in cooperation with Blue Orb Software. This application configures with disk utilities such from Microsoft, JKessels and Norton. The main benefits of using ScanDefrag are cleaner program runs as well as less restarts. This program can run a number of items consecutively during maintenance without any idle period.

ScanDefrag contains disk check, cleanup, and defragmenter tools and it works such that system maintenance is conducted in a state that is more favorable for disk utilities. In addition, this application can specify the relevant command-line driven tools after running maintenance utilities or before computer restart. Users are also given the option to logon automatically to the system to run the maintenance programs and as soon as the program resarts, the logon data will be restored to status quo.

The other features of ScanDefrag are automated maintenance via command line switches, log file creation for each maintenance run, and it also comes with a Task Scheduler built into the system. In the program’s “restrictive mode” the user can add or removed certain processes. This configuration is available only to Windows ME and Windows 98 users.