ScanBack Utility 6.01.01

Lexmark International, Inc. (Freeware)

ScanBack Utility is a software wizard for scanning hardcopies of documents, images, and text and saving a copy of this on the users’ workstation. The software wizard is intended to work with Lexmark printers and scanners.

ScanBack Utility uses the same web user interface (UI) to submit and receive profiles as the web applet. The software is a native Windows program. It has the ability to create desktop shortcuts that incorporate scan parameters and options. Users are allowed to create a desktop shortcut scanning documents and convert it to PDF format and scanning color JPG images.

To use the ScanBack Utility software, users must first create a scan-to-PC profile. The software must be launched and users must select the printer and follow the instructions on the computer screen. To check the compatibility of printer with the software, users can visit the support site to download software package updates. Users must also update the IP addresses of PC to ensure smooth scanning. Users must also define the type of document being scanned and the output to be created. After setting up all required options and information, users can start scanning documents and photos. When cancelling a scan, users must create a new scan profile to create a new shortcut. If there are problems and compatibility issues and additional assistance, users can contact software support by giving out the details of the problem.