Scalextric Track Designer

Scalextric Track Designe Ltd (Freeware)

Scalextric Track Designer is a 3D program that is intended to be used by professionals and amateurs as an advanced track building tool. It is a complete program that enables users to create compelling designs. Here are some of the highlights of this utility:

• Comprehensive Scalextric track inventory
• Tools for planning workable tracks
• Built-in room designer
• The program known as Scalextric Track Designer allows the user to include multi-lane units to the plan so that they can preview the outcomes before the tracks get built.

This program can produce high levels of racing challenge with epic tracks that will not disappoint adrenaline junkies. There are pit lanes, gradients, elevations and other extra features. The designs created may be printed and saved, or sent online. This utility has multi-lingual installation support. It also provides first-time users with a full tutorial. There is also a customer helpline provided to customers. The official website has a Customer page where questions are presented and responded to in a jiffy.

This application requires that DirectX 9 ought to be installed in the computer system. Scalextric Track Designer is compatible with analog and digital Scalextric formats. This state-of-the art design tool is from Scalextric Track Designer Ltd.