Vernam7 (Freeware)

SC2ALLin1 is a game launcher tool for Star Craft 2.  It allows users to play the purchased game – version v10.3.3 or later – offline.  Gamers can play the single player mode, and they can go against the AI built-in into the game, or the custom Green Tea AI that can be downloaded.

The application does not offer support for cracking the game; instead, it offers the convenience of playing CS2 offline without entering CD keys and other information.  Players can load skirmish battles, access game options, play custom maps, and watch replays.

SC2ALL in1 has a user-friendly interface that enables users to easily maneuver through the game options.   In addition, provided they have purchased their copy of the game and has a account, gamers can play normally through  The launcher is highly compatible with the game and maintains its integrity.

Star Craft 2 is a military strategy game that features three species vying for resources, dominance, and survival:  the technologically advanced species called Protoss; super-species called Zergs; and human exiles called Terrans.  Each has its own strengths and weaknesses, and whichever specie gamers decide to play, they must use tactics in order gather enough resources and build enough weapons to win against the enemies.