SB Audigy Quick Start

Creative Technology (Proprietary)

SB Audigy Quick Start is a user guide contained in the software suite packaged with the SoundBlaster Audigy range of sound cards. At the time of release, these sound cards were developed for high-end computer systems and superior sound quality for watching videos, playing video games, and listening to music. This guide was designed so that novice users could customize their listening experience without having to learn about the intricacies of computer sound systems and its myriad software and hardware aspects.

The Quick Start guide includes the following sections, in addition to some miscellaneous applications:
• Digital Music – allows listening to audio, creating and organizing music libraries, digital music transfer, and digital audio recording.
• Digital Gaming – enhances 3D audio output and using SB’s EAX system for high-definition sound.
• Movies – facilitates CD or DVD-movie playback.
• Digital Music – permits management of MIDI, SoundFonts, and other compatible files.
• Connectivity – assists in the connection of speaker systems to the computer.

Although the user may understand the capabilities of the sound card and what these capabilities can generate, the SB Audigy Quick Start allows said user to quickly carry out tasks. The guide walks the user through each step so that tasks can be accomplished efficiently.