Say the Time 9.0

Provenio Software Corporation (Shareware)

Say the Time is an information management application that was first released in 2007. It has several features that allow users to take note of their schedule and manage their time. The main components of the program are the calendar and the clock.

Here are the features and components of the application:

• Sticky Notes – The program offers Sticky Notes, which allows users to write reminders or short notes and post them above all windows on the desktop.
• Alarm Clock – With the alarm clock feature, users can input important dates, such as meetings, birthdays, or simple reminders. The alarm can be set a few minutes after the event occurs. A speech reminder can also be set using a male or female voice.
• World Clock – This application also has a feature that enables users to view times in different locations around the world. Additionally, zip codes, postal codes, and cities can be viewed.

Say the Time also allows users to fully customize the appearance of the clock on the taskbar. Some of the options include the font, texture, color, and format of the clock. The program’s clock can be synchronized with the Internet’s time to ensure that it is always accurate.