SAWStudio 5.1

RML Labs (Shareware)

SAWStudio is an application that functions as a Digital Audio Workstation. SAW stands for Software Audio Workshop, and the Studio application enables users to do hard disk editing and virtual mixing of audio tracks. The application interface is similar to that of a real audio recording and mixing device. It combines a full-controllable mixing console and a MultiTrack music recording and editing interface. With this application, users can have all of the functions of an audio recorder and mixer from one program, without requiring other devices commonly used in a studio recording setup.

SAWStudio is equipped with the following tools and features:
• 24 stereo output tracks, 28 simultaneous mono record tracks, as well as 120 mono/stereo playback tracks. Users can apply up to eight layers on each track.
• TCP/IP host capabilities – this enables users to use standard network connections (Ethernet) to control and sync multiple machines.
• Control Track – users can control projection, lighting, and other devices for theater use
• Programmable Function Key Views – users have the freedom to access different workspace arrangements according to their preference
• SoundFile View – this enables users to record audio and create regions

This application is also offered in Lite and Basic versions. These versions have all of the features but with a more simple interface with less tracks and views. These versions are all fully functional and are ideal for beginners in audio recording and editing.