Sawoid 1.0

Stars Ashes Game Development (Freeware)

Sawoid is a free, ad-supported game which offers a unique twist to the breakout genre. Instead of using a ball to shatter objects, the player is equipped with a flying spherical saw. Set in a sci-fi space-themed storyline, the game offers beautiful 3D graphics with impressive explosion and special effects. The original soundtrack is hypnotic, ambient techno.

The objective is to covertly assault and destroy the enemy supplies. Unfortunately, these boxes of materials are guarded by laser-wielding robots and gun turrets, making the game challenging. Getting hit repeatedly by enemy lasers and pulse cannons kills the player so they must be avoided. This game requires a deliberate hit and dodge strategy.

The player has two slots for cannons or laser blasters but they have limited ammunition. They are also ineffective against several types of enemies and gun emplacements. The flying super saw, on the other hand, can kill tough targets if it hits them from behind. The hero starts with only 3 lives but may encounter extra lives, powerups, armor, and special weaponry at each level.

Sawoid offers three difficulty settings to suit a player’s skill. Mission levels can be saved and loaded. The game also allows players to save and track game play statistics.