Savings Bond Wizard

U.S. Department of the Treasury (Freeware)

Savings Bond Wizard is a tool for managing and tracking bond inventory. Users can import their savings bond information from HTM (savings bond calculator) or CSV (Excel) files. With the application, users can track the exchanged and cashed bonds. Each entry in the application will be marked appropriately, whenever the user enters an exchange or redemption date. A log of the bonds can be printed out for future reference. One of the main features of the software is the wizard that shows the earning rate of the bond. This feature allows the user to see the bond’s earning potential in the course of six months.

In addition, the Savings Bond Wizard also displays notes and descriptions for the bonds. The abbreviated notes show important facts and on the footer of bond reports. The notes can be enabled or disabled. Aside from the basic report for the bonds, the software is also able to provide specialized reports. Some of the reports that it can provide are the bonds cashed in, bonds that are too new to cash, active inventory, and the bonds that are not earning interest anymore.

A guide for using the application can be viewed on the Savings Bond Wizard’s official website.