save2pc Professional

FDRLab, Inc. (Shareware)

Flash videos are best viewed online because they come in smaller file sizes, making them faster to download and stream. Even with the small file size, these videos are extremely clear because of the high pixel quality. Flash videos are stream-able. They are not downloadable for future viewing without Internet access or away from their source site. This is the primary reason why FDRLab, Inc. developed and released save2pc Professional. This is a program that allows users to view and save their desired Flash videos on any computer system or external disk. The videos can be viewed anytime and anywhere, with or without a connection to the Internet, after they have been saved. The program can work with Flash videos running on different file extensions. These files can also be saved in different video formats as preferred by the user.

The interface of the save2pc Professional program is basic. It is extremely user-friendly. The user simply has to copy the URL (Web address) of the desired video. This information then needs to be pasted on the text box on the screen. The user will be prompted for a destination folder as well as a file format. Upon clicking the download button, the file will immediately be converted and saved by save2pc Professional.