save2pc Pro unregistered

FDRLab, Inc. (Proprietary)

Save2pc Pro unregistered is a video downloader that was released in 2012. The software enables users to download, rip, and convert videos from different video streaming sites from the Web. The software is also supported by more than 10 additional top video sharing sites for easy downloading.

Save2pc Pro unregistered converts downloaded videos so that users can view it on a PC, iPod, laptops, PSP, and many more. The software’s simple and straightforward user interface (UI) allows users to download videos easily. Users have to paste the desired video URL in the download bar and have to choose the desired format and options for the video. The destination folder of the video to be downloaded also has to be set before hitting the Download button. Users can choose from 11 formats that include formats for audio and portable devices. Users need not to install video codecs or players to play these directly downloaded videos. Multiple downloading is also supported for large files.

Save2pc Pro unregistered users can download videos from popular Flash video sites such as YouTube, DailyMotion, Google Video and many more. The software also comes with an Adult Pack that allows users to download adult videos from YouPorn, RedTube, Tube8, and many more. The Adult Pack extension bypasses age verification to directly download any adult video.