Satellite Tool Kit

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (Freeware)

STK (Systems Tool Kit, formerly Satellite Tool Kit) is an application for developing and designing complex and dynamic simulations of real-world problems relating to ground vehicles, aircraft, spacecraft, and satellites. It is a free 2D and 3D-modeling platform for assessing system performance. Scientists, engineers, operators, mission analysts, and other decision-makers can create model complex systems in order to evaluate how well a given system operates.

The physics-based software package created by Analytical Graphics, Inc. is intended to help experts undertake complex analyses of sea, ground, air, and space assets. Afterwards, the program allows them to share evaluation results in an integrated manner. At the heart of STK is a geometry engine that determines the time-dynamic position and behavior of assets. It is likewise designed primarily to identify spatial relationships among objects being considered within a given number of intricate, simultaneous controlling conditions. The program has been originally used to solve physics problems that involve earth-orbiting satellites. Nowadays, it is used many other applications including aircraft and space missions, in addition to missile defense, electronic systems, and communications.

Among its notable offerings are the following:

• Highly sophisticated functionality features can be easily navigated via a simple interface.
• Loading and creating any land, air, sea, or space object position and orientation is possible.
• Realistic 2D and 3D visualization of complex models to allow system observation from any viewpoint is available.
• Real-time or simulation evaluation of system performance can be made according to mission objectives.
• Detailed analytical models can be created, imported and shared.