Satellite Direct

Satellite Direct (Shareware)

Satellite Direct is an online streaming application manufactured by ETV Corp and released in 2009. The name is a play between the capability of Satellite powered television shows and movies directly streamed to PC tuners. It can tap into 3,500 channels worldwide over the Internet. In the USA alone, it gets a total of 702 channels while it gets 570 from Canada, 331 from Australia, 389 from Japan, 548 from UK, and so forth.

Satellite Direct can be installed after a onetime pre-registration stage. Users can instantly use the program as long as they pay a one-time fee and no more monthly subscriptions. Satellite Direct has all the usual category lineup of channels that most cable companies deliver. It includes sports, news, movies, serials, music, lifestyle, local, entertainment, and business.

Satellite Direct also carries local channels, radio frequencies, movies, and trailers. The program itself has a unique and easy to use bookmarking feature which instantly saves favorite channels so users will not get lost in the channels. It has an on-the-fly capability that can be used for streaming live and delayed broadcast spectacles (sports, news and game shows) for later and live viewing anywhere. As noted, it carries channels from across the world. It also has a digital movie service and pay movie streams with an annual subscription. The installation is easy and runs in an easy-to-use interface with prompts along the way.