Satellite Antenna Alignment 2.95.0

AL-Software (Proprietary)

Satellite Antenna Alignment is an application that allows users to calculate the angles to install satellite dishes. The main strongpoint of this software is its capability to calculate the angle for multiple satellite dishes at once. The application performs a mathematical calculation to arrive at the angles and should be used only as a guide as there are other factors, which need to be considered in installing satellites. The output of the program can saved as a text file, copied to the clipboard, or printed directly. It also allows saving of coordinates so the user does not need to re-enter them every time to check.

Satellite Antenna Alignment’s interface features several data. The menu bar contains the usual selections: File, View, Language, and Help. The tab below is comprised of the Antenna look angles, Sun’s Azimuth, Offset Antenna, Obstacles, Report, Transponders, and other Information. The right half of the user interface displays the satellite location and the site location. To use this software, the user will need first to enter his coordinates on the “Site Location” box. There are areas for high and low latitudes as well as eastern and western longitudes, marked with characters N, S, E and W respectively. Once these parameters are entered, the calculation for all the satellites will be displayed on the left portion of the screen.