Astro Port (Proprietary)

SATAZIUS is an arcade shooter game set in an abandoned planet of the same name, in the not-so-distant future of 2051. It is developed by Astro Port and released on December 2011. This game features the adventures of a group of people commandeering a cruiser ship named Agano, when it was attacked by a group of pirates whose home base is on Satazius. In this game, the pilots of Agano decided that they have a higher probability of surviving if they attack the pirate base instead of trying to escape.

SATAZIUS features the ship Agano whose arsenal boasts of 13 upgradeable weapon types. This game also features obstacles, power-ups, and boss battles. To customize the ship, the player has the choice of selecting two side weapons and a charge attack. The side weapons may be deployed and cycled at any time during the game. The charge attack is designed to cause massive destruction when used.

SATAZIUS’ gameplay features four difficulty settings—Easy, Medium, Hard, and hellishly Difficult. This enables newbies, as well as arcade game veterans to enjoy the game. It features a futuristic stage design, as well as a techno game soundtrack. However, it still features old school arcade design elements. This game also features boss battles with gigantic bosses. SATAZIUS won the Jikkyo Play Contents Award in August 2008.