SAS/IML Studio

SAS Institute Inc. (Proprietary)

SAS/IML Studio is a programming application that provides an interactive and exploratory data analysis of statistical computations and graphics. The application particularly runs SAS/STAT or SAS/IML data. Through this, programmers can produce linked graphics and data tables. This program is designed for SAS programmers who want to apply algorithms not available in any SAS procedures. It also intends to solve statistical problems that need more data exploration and building versatility.

SAS/IML Studio has five main functions. They are: exploring data, analyzing distributions, parametric and nonparametric regression models, analyzing multivariate relationships, and prolonging the set of available analyses. IML Plus, the programming language, utilized by the application, is an enhanced version of the SAS/IML programming language. The “Plus” aspect refers to the new language features available. They include the ability to create and manipulate statistical graphs and call SAS procedures and functions in the R programming language. Other than that, it can also call computational programs written in C, C ++, Java, and FORTRAN. The program makes use of a graphical user interface which provides many tools for analyzing statistical data.

Writing programs with this application allows the programmer to do a number of options, such as the following:

• Create customized statistical graphs and analyses
• Develop programs that make use of dialog boxes
• Repeat analyses on different data