SAS Universal Viewer

SAS Institute Inc. (Freeware)

The SAS Universal Viewer is a tool that enables users to not only view, but also sort and filter SAS data sets as well as other general text files. The SAS is a program used in advanced analytics. With the viewer, users do not have to have the SAS program installed in order for them to view files created with it. The file types that can be viewed using this utility include HTML files, SAS logs and listings, and SAS v5 transport files. This application has three major functions:

• Viewing of SAS data sets without running the risk that the file content may be changed or deleted
• Filtering of SAS data in order to make data subsets
• Sorting data in order to highlight focal points as well as categorize important information

This viewer has a simple user interface with four menus. Users can open files from the File menu or by entering a location in the Address box provided. The Window menu lets users select tiling options (vertical, horizontal, cascading), and the Tools menu provides users with controls for setting page break properties and customizing formats, among other options. The User’s Guide is located in the Help menu. The SAS Universal Viewer allows the displayed SAS data to be copied and pasted onto other applications.