Power Line Systems, Inc. (Proprietary)

SAPS is a model design program developed by Power Line Systems in 2014. SAPS stand for Structural Analysis of Power and Communication Systems. The program is available as a stand-alone program or as a plugin to the PLS-CADD application. The program is primarily utilized in communication systems, transmission and substation systems. For these types of functions, users need guys, ground wires, and suspension strings, among others. SAPS is marketed towards companies and corporations dealing with creating the communication structures or installing substations and transmission structures. The program can handle multiple parameters in designing including the number of elements and joints in a structure, which could easily number to the thousands.

SAPS is the finite-element engine utilized by the main design program by the developer, the PLS-CADD. The program is useful in creating different Guyed transmission structures including delta, chainette, Y-, and V-, among others. The program also enables users to create self-supporting structures for communication or transmission. These structures may either be framed or latticed, both functions are supported by the program. Structures may also be of the multiple-pole variety or the flexible single pole kind. The program can compute unbalanced line tensions due to weather conditions including ice, wind, and temperature changes.  The program may likewise perform other functions like slack change computations, offset clipping, and tension support. SAPS can analyze flexible line segments found mostly in structures connected by cables.