Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility 4.3


Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility is a program that enables users to manage the overclocking of their AMD Radeon graphics card. Overclocking is a process where a program makes an operating system or a hardware component such as a graphics card or RAM card operate above the normal clock frequency set by its manufacturer. Overclocking is done in order to increase the operating system’s or hardware component’s performance for a specific period. However, this process makes the computer heat up and consumes more energy than its normal operating frequency. Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility works by increasing the clock rate of various graphics card features, such as the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Core, GPU Voltage, as well as the video card memory. Overclocking these features allows users to optimize their graphics card in order for it to run video games and other graphics-requiring programs more efficiently. Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility also allows users to save different overclocking profiles that can be used for different programs with various graphics performance requirements. Users can save up to four profiles using Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility. In addition to these, Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility is capable of adjusting the graphics card fan’s performance with three settings: Automatic, Fixed, or Custom. This program also display various graphics card information such as the GPU name, Interface, Memory, Driver Version, BIOS Version, Clocks, and Shaders.

Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility features a stylized user interface with four main control areas. The first is the Info section where users may find the video card information. The second control area is the Overclocking panel where users may set the clock rate for the video card features. This section also contains the profiles tab where users may create four profiles. The third panel contains the Fan Control settings, while the last is the program settings panel where users may find the advanced configurations for Sapphire TRIXX Overclocking Utility.