Computers and Structures, Inc. (Proprietary)

SAP2000 is an analysis engine and design tool developed for engineers that specialize in industrial works, sports, transportation, and other facilities. SAP2000 features a 3D object based graphical modeling environment which enables users to create structural models like models for stadiums, offshore structures, 3D trusses, dam structures, and even unique structures. This program also features built-in templates which can be meshed with generated complex models.

SAP2000 features a unified user interface that enables users to execute analysis, modeling, and design commands. It features snap tools that functions like AutoCAD as well as standard views like 3D, YZ, XY, and XZ. SAP2000 enables users to view all multiple graphical windows simultaneously for easy navigation. By default, the active planar view is highlighted in 3D view. The interface also offers Cartesian and Cylindrical coordinate systems.  

SAP2000 features a Section Designer, which enables users to create arbitrary shapes and materials. Section designer also provides for automatic section property calculations. It also enables users to create moment curvature diagrams and biaxial interaction diagrams.  SAP2000 features several design elements like frames, tendons, shells, cables, and even solid elements. This program also features meshing tools, link elements and hinge properties. It also allows for automatic edge constraints.  SAP2000 also features several analysis processes including general analysis, response spectrum analysis, power spectral analysis, buckling analysis, and time history analysis.