Sansa Updater

SanDisk Corporation (Freeware)

Sansa Updater is Firmware Updater software developed especially by SanDisk Corporation in January 2009 for its product line of Sansa players. Firmware is the software installed in digital devices to make them work. For Sansa players, Sansa firmware is the code that makes it play music and perform other tasks. To make sure that Sansa players perform at its optimum, the firmware should always be up-to-date. This is the purpose of the Sansa Updater. It updates the firmware installed in the Sansa Player.

Sansa Updater supports a variety of Sansa Players. Every new product release comes with new and updated firmware. Thus, Sansa player owners should always update their Sansa player’s firmware with each release. Sansa Updater reminds users to update their Sansa Player firmware whenever they recognize that a new firmware update has been released and that the Sansa Player is still running on outdated firmware. It automatically downloads the updated firmware and installs it to the Sansa player. To trigger the check and the update, users just have to plug in their device and Sansa Updater will automatically check for the newest updates. Sansa Updater also provides the latest User Manuals and connects users to Sansa Software Support in case of issues.

Sansa Updater is compatible with a variety of Sansa Players including the Sansa C200 series, Sansa Clip series, Sansa E200 series, Sansa Express, Sansa Fuze, and Sansa View.