Sanny Builder 3 3.0.4

Seemann (Freeware)

Sanny Builder 3 is game editor specifically designed for the Grand Theft Auto 3D game series. It was first released on July 2005. This program comes equipped with a game disassembler that enables users to disassemble GTA 3D’s main.scm file which houses the game scripts. This program supports all the GTA 3D games, excluding GTA IV. It works with GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. This program also features a mission compiler.

Sanny Builder 3 features the CLEO library, which houses almost a hundred useful opcodes that users may need. Aside from that, Sanny Builder 3 features Player coordinates manager which enables users to configure the players’ z-angle and coordinates while in-game. This program also features an Opcode search tool, which enables the users to find specific opcodes when needed. Sanny Builder 3 also features a source converting tool which enables users to switch between Mission Builder and Sanny Builder syntax. Sanny Builder code syntax features a basic class system, directives, constants, high-level statements, and direct hex input. Sanny Builder 3 also features a convenient IDE with syntax highlighting support. This program also supports conversions between hexadecimal and decimal numbers. Users may also make model name to ID conversions. This program also comes with a Help document which details all run-time error messages including their descriptions and known solutions.