DreamForge Intertainment (Shareware)

Sanitarium is a point-and-click adventure game for the above-18 market. Featuring elements of horror and psychological thriller, the game is set in a mental asylum. Players assume the role of a patient named Max Laughton who has amnesia and constantly experiences vague recollections of the past. It is revealed that the protagonist has been in a car crash, which resulted in the loss of his memory. Players struggle to escape the mental institution as they try to find their identity and discover and recall snippets of their past.

The game is divided into eight chapters; each chapter uncovers the mysteries surrounding the asylum. Players will explore the asylum’s different rooms and its surrounding areas. At the same time, players suffer hallucinations that show alternate realities, so it becomes difficult to decipher which is reality and which is mere delusion. The character’s persona also changes in every setting, bringing the game to a different level of psychological depth and adding to the game’s difficulty.

Sanitarium’s challenging storyline is contrasted with the ease of playing the game—users only need to control the mouse to move them through the game. Players can collect items throughout the game that can be used in solving puzzles, which in turn can provide information about what happened to Max and where he can go next to uncover the truth.