Rutger Ovidius (Freeware)

Sancho is a graphic user interface or GUI that connects to a P2P core application known as MLDonkey. MLDonkey is a P2P multi-net program that allows users to connect to a number of networks to download a file. Users that employ P2P application often choose a GUI with GUI/core separation. Sancho offers a configurable and easy-to-use GUI that currently supports the GUI protocol of MLDonkey core. MLDonkey is a core application that can handle all P2P operations and the function of the Sancho GUI is to simply connect the core to the display information that is sent from the core. The executable binary for MLDonkey is called ‘mlnet’. Sancho has an easy-to-navigate interface that features several tabs and views.

Every tab has one or several views. Most of the views have a header bar with convenient buttons and a drop-down menu when the item is left-clicked. Here is a list of tabs and views and their individual functions:
• Column selector – allows users to pick a column on the contained table.
• Dynamic column - enables users to choose a table column and adjust it to fit exactly in the Window.
• Flip Sash – pins the container sash between vertical and horizontal orientation.
• Show Filters – enables certain information to be excluded from or included in the table.

Written in Java through the SWT widget webkit, the GUI can be compiled on several platforms using the GCJ compilers to the machine code. All popular operating systems are supported by Sancho.