San Andreas MP 0.3 (Freeware)

San Andreas MP is a third-party application that enables users to modify the PC game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. When applied, the modification turns Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas into a multiplayer game, allowing players to race with up to five hundred other people over a LAN or the Internet. In addition to providing the multiplayer mode, this mod also enables users to do the following:

• Find player skins, object models, and vehicle types in-game easily, using a model preview system
• Set the draw distance of objects, reducing the pop-in windows on custom areas
• Change the colors on objects and other materials easily
• Modify their avatar’s appearance by changing hats and hair styles
• Reduce network overhead and improve server security for multiplayer games

This mod application provides users with the ability to create their own scripted game modes, such as role play, cops and robbers, and stunt or parkour mode. These modes are not available in the single-player mode. Each server on the multiplayer network has a dedicated game mode; players can also join Freeroam servers that consist of various types of game modes developed by other mod users. The servers make use of the PAWN programming language; users can download the Pawno programming application from the official San Andreas MP website so they can create their own server and host multiplayer games.