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Samurai Warriors 2 is an Japanese-inspired action game developed by Omega Force and Koei and released on February 2006. The game follows the first game, Samurai Warriors, released on February 2004. The game features 16 characters from the original game, plus 10 more characters. The game may be played in arcade mode or story mode. In arcade mode, the player can choose one of the 26 characters and the AI will choose another to battle with. Winning the battle gives the player points that can be used to level up. On Story Mode, players can choose any of the characters with story modes. When a character is chosen, the player will have to battle with opponents, one after the other, to progress on that character’s story. Wins and battle experience points are tallied for the character to level up. Each story has five stages and  a side quest or a Dream Stage. However, some characters are not provided with a Story.

Samurai Warriors 2 also comes with a mini-game called Sugoroku. It is a multiplayer game that can accommodate up to 4 players. The goal of the game is to collect gold scattered across the map. Each player is assigned 3 flags which will also be scattered. The players have to collect the flags assigned to them so as to earn gold. The players can also use the gold to buy territories or challenge the player occupying the territory. This mini game has six challenge types. These are Annihilate, Chase, Destroy, Race, Reveal, and Steal.